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How to Play

Getting Set Up

Set up the horses in numerical order on the START GATE (See illustration #1).

Using a standard deck of cards, remove all Aces, Kings, and Jokers. The dealer will deal all the cards clockwise, face up to the players until all 44 cards (2’s through Queens) are dealt. Some people may end up with more cards than others.

These cards represent the horses you are cheering for to win the race.

Preparing for the Race

Four horses must be eliminated or "scratched" from the race.

To do this, the player to the left of the dealer rolls the dice and the total on the dice is the first ‘scratched’ horse. That horse is moved to the "1" box representing the 1st scratched horse.

For example: a 2 and 4 are rolled. Horse #6 is moved back to the "1" box. (See illustration #2). All players with a 6 in their hand pay a poker chip (or predetermined amount***) for EACH 6 in their hand. The 6’s are now discarded.

The next player rolls the dice for the second "scratched" horse. That horse moves back to the box and is valued at 2 poker chips. Example: a 2 and 2 are rolled. Horse #4 is moved to the box. This continues with the third and fourth scratched horses, which are valued at 3 and 4 poker chips respectively. (As you can see in illustration #2, this was the #9 and #12 horses)

If a player rolls the same number on the dice as an already scratched horse, that player pays the amount of that horse’s value and passes the dice to the next player. These four scratched horses will not move again until the next game.

Let the Race Begin!

The horses remaining at the gate are now ready for the race to begin!

The next player rolls the dice and moves that horse forward ONE space. If the player rolls a scratched horse’s number, that player must pay the amount of that horse’s value.

Play continues around the table until one of the horses CROSSES the finish line. (As you can see in illustration #3, the #3, #8, and #11 horses are all ONE roll away from winning the race.)


All players holding the winning horse’s number card in their hand split the pot evenly. For example: if the winning horse is the #3 horse and you have this card in your hand, you win 25% of the pot. If you have two cards, you would win 50%, etc. If the pot cannot be split equally it will stay in the pot for the next game. Once the payouts are made, place all the horses back to the START GATE, shuffle, and re-deal the cards. ENJOY and GOOD LUCK!!

Download the full instructions here (PDF).